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Meet Our Teachers

Our global classrooms are led by world-class teachers who are passionate about educating the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Faculty of Excellence

Our academic faculty have been rigorously vetted and thoughtfully selected for their inspiration, engagement and proven track record of outstanding student results. Their dedication, depth and passion for teaching inspires and builds confidence in students. Plus, they all believe in the importance of online learning for the future of education.

Our fully registered teachers are based around the world, including in New Zealand, the UK, Europe, the US, and beyond. They bring over 20 years of teaching experience. They have:

  • Tutored National Olympiad teams;
  • Taught students that achieved the Top in Country and/or in the World for relevant subjects;
  • Taught students that have been accepted in the world’s top universities including Oxbridge and Ivy League;
  • Educated students with perfect scores for the SATs, and more.
CGA Teaching Staff
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Voices of CGA Teachers

Get a glimpse into the transformative power of an online education. Find out what our teachers have to say about teaching and learning at an online school, and the impact they've seen it have on their students.

Meet Our Teachers

US Diploma Pathway Teachers

Anika Krause - English

Anika Krause is a licensed English language and literature educator with over 5 years of middle and high school teaching experience in the United States, Costa Rica, and Taiwan. She holds a B.A. in English from Northeastern University, where she graduated summa cum laude, and is a recent graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she earned an M.A. in Human Development and Education with a focus in language and literacy. Anika is particularly passionate about English language and literacy development for multilingual learners and advocating for educational equity. When she is not teaching, Anika enjoys live music, cooking and baking, exploring nature, and crocheting.

Yordan Arazov - Physics

Yordan Arazov holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from Beihang University and is an American Board physics teacher. Yordan has over four years experience teaching science, physics and math and has helped students prepare for the IGCSE, A-levels, and AP exams. Yordan has worked with students from Australia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, the EU and North Africa, and speaks fluent Bulgarian, English and Mandarin Chinese.

Ian Swift - Mathematics

Meet, CGA Teacher Ian Swift . Ian grew up on Long Island (just outside New York City) playing kick the can and stick ball - just look up any cliché Brooklyn movie.

After attending college (university) at SUNY Geneseo in upstate NY attaining a BA degree in Mathematics and Physics, followed by a MS in Education from CW Post University, he fell in love with the open space and soon to be wife.

Now he lives about an hour from Niagara Falls, surrounded by open fields of corn, where he regales his 4 children every chance he can about the stark differences in his old and new life surroundings.

Chris Lemmons - History

Meet CGA Teacher, Chris Lemmons , who has had a remarkable 13-year career dedicated to the world of learning. With a profound passion for education, Chris has spent the majority of his journey inspiring students through world cultures and geography. He's a veteran in teaching AP Human Geography and AP World History, contributing three years of impactful instruction at a renowned Texas high school.

Before his time in the classroom, Chris played a pivotal role at Texas Tech University, where he served as the International Student Life Administrator within the Office of International Affairs. During this period, he engaged in global education outreach, sharing the treasures of diverse cultures with West Texas K-12 students.

Chris's teaching philosophy centers around the captivating stories of places and people. His classrooms are vibrant spaces of discussion and inquiry, encouraging students to delve into the intricacies of geography while nurturing an enduring love for learning. With his guidance, students not only absorb knowledge but also develop a deeper understanding of our interconnected world.

Robert Badowski - Statistics

Robert is CGA’s AP Statistics Teacher

Mark Kirker - Economics

Mark Kirker is an experienced educator at  Crimson Global Academy  (CGA) with 20 years of teaching under his belt, specializing in advanced placement (AP) micro and macro  economics . He holds a master's degree in economics from San Jose State University, which has equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively teach these subjects.

His expertise in economics has allowed him to make a significant impact on the education of countless students, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of how the economy works and preparing them for future academic and professional pursuits.  With his in-depth knowledge of the  AP curriculum  and a passion for teaching, he has helped hundreds of students to earn a passing score on this rigorous exam.

Mikayla Wagner - Psychology

Mikayla is CGA’s AP Psychology Teacher

Rebecca Hancock - ESOL

Rebecca Hancock, born in the UK but raised in the Netherlands, has experienced a diverse range of international living and working experiences. Having resided and worked in countries such as France, Spain, Venezuela, and Portugal, she has gained a broad perspective on  different cultures and languages.

Rebecca embarked on her teaching journey as a French and  Spanish teacher  in a secondary school in the UK following the completion of a PGCE in Modern Languages at Nottingham University. In anticipation of her move to Spain over 15 years ago, she pursued a CELTA qualification, focusing on becoming an English Language teacher.

She has worked in several language schools as a  teacher  and then as Director of Studies before being approached to train teachers in communicative methodology which led to teacher-training work abroad in places like Turkey, Albania, Indonesia and Thailand.

Now happily settled in Spain, she is really happy  working with students around the globe  teaching a language she is passionate about from the comfort of her own home.

Daisy Ward - ESOL

Daisy is CGA’s ESOL Teacher

Justine Yeates - ESOL

Justine is CGA’s ESOL Teacher

Ron Villarin - Business

Ron is CGA’s AP Entrepreneur & Small Business Teacher

Matthew Cheng – Computer Science

MrCheng earned a M.A. Teaching Secondary Education Mathematics from William Paterson University where he was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship and Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship. He also earned a M.S. in Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity, an Advanced Certificate in Digital Forensics for Computer Science and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Mr Cheng is also a MIT Master Trainer in Educational Computing using the MIT App Inventor platform. He was twice elected as a Trustee for the West New York Board of Education and served on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey School Boards Association. He holds Teacher of Computer Science Technology and Teacher of Mathematics certificates and is currently pursuing a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership at William Paterson University.

Listen and send Matthew’s podcast episode with Alex from the Top of the Class podcast:

Vince Nguyen - Mathematics

Vince Nguyen is a certified educator by College Board, International Baccalaureate Organization, and three states in the U.S. to conduct math instruction to secondary students, including AP and IB classes. Vince has over 10 years of high school teaching experience.

Vince holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from UCLA and an M.B.A degree from Grand Canyon University. Throughout his teaching career, both in the U.S. and internationally, he has supported many students in reaching and achieving their goal of earning high scores on AP exams. In addition, Vince has led math competitions and AP Club sessions to aid and improve confidence of students preparing for exams and competition.

Finally, Vince has made significant, positive impacts on the school community through the creation and implementation of various, diverse student engagement projects. Vince’s mission in education is to lead and support students to be empowered to not only reach their short-term goals but also to realize their own long-term potential.

Kathy Meyer - Biology

Kathy Meyer is from central Missouri, United States. She has served as a public and state secondary science teacher for 34 years. Kathy's major is Secondary Biology with a minor in American Sign Language. Throughout the years, she has taught most secondary science classes such as: AP Biology, Biology, Advanced Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Ecology, Physical Science, Applied Biology/Chemistry, etc. The majority of the videoed farm lessons used with this course are filmed on her farm.

Saira Imamovic - Graphic Design

Saira is CGA’s AP Graphic Design Teacher

Francis Drumm - Psychology

Francis is CGA’s AP Psychology Teacher

Harley Bakken - English

Harley is CGA’s AP English Teacher

Jennifer Nakamoto - Chemistry

Jennifer Nakamoto is originally from the foothills of California and moved to the Low Country of South Carolina a few years ago. She has been in education for 12 years teaching secondary sciences such as Middle School Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural Leadership, Floral Design I and II.

She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences from California State University - Sacramento and her Master of Science degree in Agricultural Education at California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo. In the past she has held numerous titles such as Department Chair and has been a Master Teacher (supervisor of student teachers).

In 2019 she received the California Association of Worldly School Teacher of the Year, which is an International Baccalaureate teacher association. Being this is her first year with CGA, she is really looking forward to working with ambitious students and learning more about their culture since she has students from all around the world. Outside of education,

Mrs.Nakamoto has a family that keeps her very busy. She enjoys travelling, being outside, visiting the Disney Parks,  and making new memories. 

Marta Aliaga - Spanish

Marta is CGA’s AP Spanish Teacher

Stephen Michas - Chemistry

Stephen is CGA’s AP Chemistry Teacher

Peggy Morton - Mathematics

Peggy is CGA’s AP Mathematics Teacher

Joe Koszut - Physics

Joe is CGA’s AP Physics Teacher

Bertrice Dawson - English

Beatrice is CGA’s AP English Teacher

Amber Evans - Anatomy & Physiology

Amber is CGA’s AP Anatomy & Physiology Teacher

Zachary Rom - Chemistry

Zachary Rom is an AP chemistry teacher with 4 years of teaching experience at a public high school in Massachusetts. He holds a B.S. in chemical engineering and an M.A. in science education. Zach has a passion for science and loves to create unique learning experiences to help students understand tough subjects. He seeks to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in his classes so that students can feel comfortable to be themselves and focus on the tasks at hand. Outside of the classroom he enjoys playing music on his ukulele, cooking, playing video games, and whittling.

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