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Personalize your educational journey and study one-on-one with world-renowned instructors.

What is the Da Vinci Program?

The CGA Da Vinci Program offers students aged 7 - 18 years the opportunity to study one-on-one with one of our experienced instructors. Students cover the full curriculum of subjects of their choice, at a pace that suits their needs.

Education research has consistently signaled students in 1:1 settings do far better statistically, than in group classes (the average tutored student outperforms 98% of non-tutored students).

Da Vinci is the true option for students that are serious about their grades, and choose to succeed at the highest level they are capable of, with no distractions and within the most efficient amount of time. It offers a better fit for students who have busier schedules and/or prioritise flexibility. It is also a suitable option for students who have specific learning needs with unique knowledge gaps and require a special timeline or pacing as there are no social distractions.

CGA Da Vinci meets these needs by bringing the experienced instructors and curriculum quality our customers expect from CGA, while allowing them to customise their schedule to their other commitments.

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Program Details


The full year syllabus is covered with only 50 hours of 1-1 live teaching as well as 2-5 hours of homework a week.


We have a mix of qualified teachers and subject-specialist tutors teaching the Da Vinci program.


The program is available across all our curriculum offerings - including AP courses.

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Students are able to access all CGA social activities, including ECL clubs, internship opportunities and more.


Speak to an advisor to enroll in our project-based program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request tutoring for a special subject?

Yes. We specialize in highly tailored courses for students. Contact us to see how we can make it happen.

Will I be enrolled at CGA?

Yes, you will be enrolled with CGA USA.

Will you provide homework and exam prep?

Teachers set homework for each student on a weekly basis to help them navigate their way through the self-study required to perform well in this program.

How do you track progress in the program?

Regular tests are conducted to track progress, and constructive feedback is given to help students prepare for their external exams.

When can I enroll?

Students can start any time and target any examination intake/end date based on their schedule. Therefore, there are no term dates.

Can I enroll full time or part time?

The Da Vinci program is mainly meant for part time learning, but if you are interested in enrolling full time please speak to an advisor .

Can I get predicted scores for my classes?

Yes, predicted scores can be provided if a student starts the course before July 1. This gives CGA enough time to assess student ability and produce predicted scores in September for October early college applications.